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How to Maintain Anonymity When You Win the Lottery in Massachusetts

How to Maintain Anonymity When You Win the Lottery in Massachusetts

Lottery winners in Massachusetts are often surprised when they go to claim their prize and are then asked by the lottery commission to pose for a photograph and disclose their identity to the public. Most big winners want to conceal their identities from the public and unfortunately, most states – including Massachusetts – do not allow winners to claim prizes anonymously.

However, in Massachusetts, there is still a way to maintain your anonymity when you claim your prize. Winners can establish a trust and have a trustee claim the prize in the name of the trust. Most often, an attorney is hired by the winner to create a trust, and that same attorney also serves as the trustee and claims the prize so the winner can remain anonymous.



Lane, Lane & Kelly, LLP has experience representing Lottery winners of large prizes, including establishing trusts and serving as trustee to claim winnings so that winners can obtain their funds anonymously. Contact our office (781) 848-0040 for more information on establishing a lottery trust to ensure your privacy, and estate planning documents to protect your assets, and provide security for you and your loved ones.


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